City Tour Buenos Aires

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Tour Buenos Aires

Discover the beauty and magic of Buenos Aires. Starting from Colón Theatre where you will see the symbolic Obelisco. Then visit “Playa de Mayo” (Square): historical, political and foundational epicenter. Other important places to visit: Metropolitan Cathedral, Government House, the Cabildo and the Municipality.

You can’t miss the opportunity to visit “San Telmo”, the “Tango” neighborhood and “La Boca” neighborhood. There you will find Boca Juniors Football Stadium, which is the maximum example of Argentina’s Passion: Football. Visit “Caminito”: the most tourist place of the area.

"La Boca" Neighbourhood

“La Boca” Neighbourhood

San Telmo: Tango afternoon

San Telmo: Tango afternoon

You must also visit “Puerto Madero” neighborhood which occupies a significant portion of the Río de la Plata riverbank and represents the latest architectural trends in the city of Buenos Aires. Continuing our tour, visit Palermo, which is a residential neighborhood with parks and elegant buildings.

Puerto Maderno Neighbourhood

Puerto Maderno Neighbourhood

Lastly try to visit the area known as “Bosques” (Woods) where you can find “El Rosedal”, “Carta Magna” and “Cuatro Regiones de Argentina” Monument and the Zoo.

Evita Tour

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Evita is a very important and popular icon in our history.For those history lovers this is a very exciting place to visit: “Evita’s Museum”. Here you will experience her childhood, her career as an actress, her life as the first lady of President Juan Domingo Perón, her fight for women’s civil rights and her death.

City Tour by Night

NIghlife in Buenos Aires

NIghlife in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a relly beautiful city at night. This is a very special part of the day to visit the Spaniards Monument, the Planetario, Palermo, the Racetrack, Recoleta, National Congress, Plaza de Mayo (square), Puerto Madero, Lola Mora and Buenos Aires Casino. Discover the beauty of the spectacular nightlife. You could also tour around Libertador Avenue, full of glamour and surrounded by beautiful constructions. In Recoleta I encourage you to discover the variety of coffee shops, the pedestrian area, restaurants and discotheques.

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