The Benefits of Flying on a Private Jet

Considering Private Charter?


Today I bring you one more fact proving that Pointer Fly Fishing is your best option for your fishing trip.

Over the years we’ve learned that some of our clients want a more luxurious and special stay; so, to fulfill their wishes we offer private jets for a fancy and private first class flight.

A Guide for First-time Flyers:

Over the years, the popularity of private air charter services has soared.  And once you’ve experienced a private charter flight, you’ll understand why!  While there are many reasons for the growing interest in charter air services, common motivations for flying private charter include the greater convenience, comfort, privacy — and productivity — that private charter flights provide, above and beyond what is provided by first- and business-class seats offered by commercial airlines.


Indeed, some of the benefits for private air charter — such as schedule and productivity gains — can help to off-set the typically higher fees paid for private air charter flights.

And for luxury-seekers, of course there is nothing quite like the comfort and privacy of your own private flight!

We can offer you a Metroliner, a King Air 90 or a Piper Navajo.

Piper Navajo

Piper Navajo



King Air 90

King Air 90

There are many reasons to ask for this service and enjoy the benefits. Check it out:

-SAVING TIME: This is one of the most important reasons for using this service. You can get to the airport only a few minutes before your departure time, fly directly to your destination and avoid long queues waiting at the commercial airport.

-PRODUCTIVITY: Saving time provides a significantly more productive time. You and your team can take advantage of the travelling time discussing your hunting options or just catching up.

Clients and friends of Pointer Wingshooting

Clients and friends of Pointer Wingshooting

-CONVENIENCE: There are more airports that can be used for private jets (compared to commercial airports). This means that we can land closer to your lodge or final destination.

-FLEXIBILITY: Aircrafts can be available in a few hours after requested and can wait if you are delayed.

-QUALITY OF SERVICE: The private jet offers luxury facilities, lot of space, individual attention and besides, you can request (in advance) your favourite foods and drinks.

-PRIVACY: You can feel at home when travelling to your destination.


-STRESS REDUCTION: You will be much more relaxed without long delays, transfers or lost luggage.

In-flight Entertainment, Catering and Other Amenities…

But your enjoyment doesn’t end with a comfortable flight.  These days, many private jets are equipped with DVD and CD players — and some even offer surround sound.  You’ll have a library of movies and music to choose from — or you can bring along your own.  Our flight planner will work with you to make sure you have the entertainment you desire.


On request, catering services and a well-stocked bar can be planned ahead to meet all your in-flight dining and entertainment needs.  From healthy vegetarian meals to gourmet coffees, from in-flight snacks to warm rolls with dinner, from fresh fruit juices to premium wines and liquors, all your wishes can be fulfilled, no matter how extravagant.


In most cases, catering is provided by top restaurants located within the vicinity of related airports – not by standard commercial airline food services – so food quality is far superior to commercial flight options.

For more information, please visit our website: or click here and complete our contact form.

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