Cuba Fleet II, beautiful day


Fishing in Cuba is far different from other destinations in the Caribbean.

Avalon Fleet II, beautiful day in Jardines de La Reina, July´s first quarter, great permit fishing!


Rich landed first permit in the morning, then looking for tarpon and bonefish in the afternoon to complete a Grand Slam! and landed a second permit!!, double grand slam in the day.

Arriving in the boat after an exciting day, Chef Edward was waiting with a wonderful lobster grill. Does it get better than this?

oooh yes!

His wife Millie also landed permit, tarpon and bonefish, third Grand Slam for the couple!! Jardines de la Reina is shining for Rich and Millie with three Grand Slams and great sunsets.

Jardines de la Reina is for those looking for adventure, absolutely amazing food with fresh seafood every day, and complete comfort.


Here you will cast for large Tarpons (perhaps less BIG tarpon than on Isla de la Juventud, but more classic flats fishing for big tarpon and more variety). JDR is full of everything – Tarpon of all sizes, Permit, bones, Jacks, Barracuda – you name it. JDR is the favourite fishery of all destinations for many anglers around the world.


Fleet II has 10 deluxe cabines, with 10 private bathrooms Each room includes air conditioning and heat controls, electricity plugs, as well as storage in drawers. Each room has panoramic windows to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Caribbean beaches.


Stay tune, we’ll be happy to get you started on what should be an amazing Cuban adventure!



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