OPTI reel by Loop

Check what is new about the OPTI reel by LOOP, recommended by Pointer Fly Fishing:01_opti_01-2

OPTi reels come in a wide variety of sizes, each optimized for specific fishing applications. Creek and DryFly, with a silky-smooth drag that handles the thinnest leader. The Runner, which is built on the same principles as its big brother Speedrunner, is the obvious choice for light double-hand rods or slightly heavier single-hand rods. Speedrunner features an inset handle andextra diameter for speedsters. The all new Strike shows off some of the best from two worlds: Compact and lightweight as a single-hand reel but with the capacity of a heavy double-hander. A coming favorite for your heavy single-hand and the double-hand artillery! Megaloop comes with dual braking plates anda super sturdy construction for tackling really big fish. The king of the hill is the OPTi Big. With an absolutely huge drag system it is designed to stop anything. The OPTi reel will be your best and most beautiful friend for life.

Technical specifications:

  •   Housing and spool machined from one piece aircraft aluminium.
  •  Waterproof and salt tolerant.01_opti_03-1062x1050
  •   Components in stainless steel and anodised aluminium.
  •   All screws secured with Loc-Tite.
  •   Mechanized components from leading European manufacturers.
  •   Power Matrix Drag System.
  •   Spool designed with a V-Shape for optimal fly line spooling.
  •   Easy-grip progressive brake knob.
  •   Simple, quick spool-change.
  •   Right or left retrieve a snap.
  •   Outgoing click.
  •   Precisely counterbalanced.

Pablo Aguiló

Pointer Fly Fishing

Chimehuin River Experience

We woke up at 7am at 3 Rivers Lodge. The sun was already shinning on the sky over the amazing flat mountains in front of the Lodge. We are located in north Patagonia, in the south of Neuquen Province, close to San Martin de los Andes and Chapelco Airport. The Lodge is 40 minutes away from the airport driving a grave road that runs close to the Chimehuin River.

More Info

The Chimehuin River starts in the Huechulafquen Lake, where is located the famous Lanin Volcano, an epic mountain that we will be able to see from some parts of the river. The river runs with power and it has perfect conditions for sail it and cast from the boat. The river has clear water and you can see the rocks at the bottom. The river has 4 different main areas to sail it, and depending on the fishing and logistics is where we go. We fished from Riscos to 3 Rivers Lodge that is located in the union of the Chimehuin River and the Collon Cura River.

The down was outstanding, so I sit outside in that dream place with the first coffee of the morning, and I enjoyed that magic view with the river down the valley. There was almost no wind, what made me think: what a great morning!

From the lodge we split the group in 2 different vehicles and we drove half an hour till the river. The guides were Gonzalo and Emiliano, who have more than 10 years guiding in this area with us. We set 3 different rods, 2 #5 rods and 1 #3. We had 2 of them with floating lines and one with a sinking line for some deeper holes. By that time it was around 9:30am and we had the first eclosion of the morning. We were able to see millions of insects flying IMG_GR_testimonials1419025101around the trees and over the water. We call eclosion to the process were the insects become butterflies. And when this happens, normally there is a big action on the river.

Before jumping on the boat, Emiliano and Gonzalo saw some trout feeding on the surface. Amazing! The morning was a dreamed morning. Nice breeze, no wind, shinny, and great group of people.

We caught a fish on the other bank. Emiliano move the boat fighting with the stream and we were in position; two casts later we had a trout attacking our caddy that was floating in the water. We used some caddies #16 and #18 that worked very well during the eclosion time.

We mostly fly fished the banks on the side of the runs, looking for certain speed of water, and trying to cast just 5 to 10 inches from the bank. It was amazing, but the closer the flies were, the more efficient the fishing was. We have been successful with some fish on the IMG_GR_testimonials1419025584shade areas, under trees or just where big rocks make shadow. We did not fly fish the runs this time of the year. It was also very efficient to cast on the foam, where the water has 2 different speed levels; we had good fishes on those areas too.

We have tried with some attractors PMX and some attractors stimulators; and we have been successful with some Spinner flies in #18. Most of the fish were caught under the willow trees that are in the bank of this river; probably the river with more willow trees of North Patagonia, what makes it very special for the dry fly fishing, normally watching the fish before the cast, what makes a whole different fly fishing experience. IMG_GR_testimonials1419026115

We hope this report of our last fly fishing experience help you to make a decision about your next fly fishing destination. We are behind the best fly fishing trips, and we will make you have a fly fishing time that will be on the top of your life memories.

Tight Lines

Pablo Aguilo

Pointer Fly Fishing


Fly Fishing + Luxury Wines Tour

If you come to Argentina to experience Fly-Fishing with us, you can also choose to enjoy a 6 full days of Wine tour in Mendoza .Park-Hyatt-Mendoza-Hotel-Casino-and-Spa-Night-Facade

We suggest to stay the first 2 days in Mendoza city at the Park Hyatt Resort and 4 days at the renowned Uco Valley winemaking region, nestled at the base of the majestic Andes Mountains, 1.5 hours from Mendoza city.

Tour Description

Day 1

Reception at the airport of Mendoza City. Transfer to Park Hyatt Resort.

At the time to be arranged and accompanied by our host, an experienced guide-sommelier, you will visit the first selected winery on this exciting wine tour: We will have lunch at the restaurant, located on the terrace,. While enjoying a delicious gourmet menu we can admire the hundreds of acres of vineyards that surround it, framed by the Andes. After enjoying our food, we will be accompanied through the vineyards and the wine cellar to finish the tour with their special and famous tastings.

In the evening we will transport you to your accommodation.

Day 2

Transport to the winemaking oasis, the Central Wine Region of Mendoza, famous for its elegant Malbec and prestigious red wines. Here there are 100-year-old wineries mixed in with modern projects and high-end gastronomy. We will visit three well-known wineries in Luján de Cuyo. Taste wines while our sommelier will instruct us on how to correctly perform a wine tasting. Also, he will inform us about Argentinean wines, the conduction and irrigation systems and the elaboration process from the moment of harvest until the wine, after an extensive aging in tanks, oak barrels and then bottles which are carefully stored in the cellars, is ready for consumption, resulting in pure harmonious wines with great character and body. As an expert sommelier, our host will also provide us with techniques for proper wine tasting and successful pairing. Lunch at one of the wineries selected for the tour. Return to your accommodations in the afternoon.

If you want we can arrange a down town citytour and dinner at a nice restaurant with tango show.

Some of the Wineries you can choose to visit in Lujan de Cuyo and Maipu are:

*Catena Zapata9487000_1213990

*Luigi Bosca



*Dante Robino




Day 3

Pick you up at Park Hyatt Mendoza and transfer to Uco Valley, home of the greatest wines and one of the most beautiful and special places on the planet. A perfect combination of: high desert, vineyards, and mountains.

Get to The Vines Resort and Spa vinesresort

After 2 days of visiting wineries we suggest to take this day to relax and enjoy what “The vines Resort and Spa” has to offer. Make yourself time to enjoy your villa, to choose your favorite spot on the outdoor deck and start dreaming about that first glass of wine today. The journey can start with a fabulous and very slow lunch, taking the first views of the Andes or jumping into the pool.

Post siesta – maybe head to the spa for a massage or just sit by the pool with a good book or maybe Time for biking through the vineyards.

Head to Siete Fuegos for your first “grilling heaven” and a great bottle of wine. But save room for the Dulce de Leche ice cream (our suggestion: take it outside to watch the stars or inside by the fire)

Day 4

Waking up for sunrise is an absolute must.

Alternatively – get up at 5am to go for a sunrise horse-ride into the Andes – crest a peak just in time to see the sun come up and the Andes explode in colors.

For this day, we’d suggest a tour of the resort and getting to know the 1500 acres of vineyards that surround it.

You can also start the day off riding horses through its Private Vineyards, stopping along the way to get their hands dirty with our farming team, and then end up at their Winery where they’ll be able to meet our winemaking team, taste wines from the barrel, and blend their own wine – a really fun activity.

​Maybe try your very first wineries in Uco Valley without leaving the resort: Gimenez Riili, Super Uco. or Corazón del Sol

Then there is an important decision: big lunch at a winery (Gimenez Riili) or something quick at the pool bar and then on to more wineries for tasting

Siesta! After getting up early, you deserve this great Argentine tradition.

As the sun starts to set, head back and change for dinner but come back to the pool for sunset with a Gin & Tonic made from local Gin “Principe de los Apóstoles” scented with TR1_StaySlidermate, something vinesresort1unique. Share a few stories of the adventures of the day while dining as locals do: two good Empanadas Mendocinas and a few more glasses of Malbec at the bar. Simple & elegant. Uco Valley Style.

Day 5

As you start feeling like a wine expert, its time for Winery touring in the area. We would recommend leaving around 10am and visiting these very unique wineries: Salentein, the pioneers in Uco Valley, also featuring Killka, their art collection. Then another big decision to make: having the great 6 course tasting lunch at Andeluna or La Azul, probably the smallest winery you will ever visit and the warmest hearts on their fabulous team.

If feeling even more adventurous, head a little bit higher to Atamisque, and enjoy their fresh trout menu, one of the rare occasion in which you will be able to choose something else than great beef!

​ Head back to your villa around 5pm, still plenty of time to prepare for another amazing sunset.

Head back to Siete Fuegos (time to order all pending items on the menu on your first night) or “conspire” with us to prepare a private dinner for two at the vineyards (private chef cooking for your in a very unique spot, something you will always remember…)
Time to be grateful…

Day 6

Another day to relax and enjoy in the resort. These are the options:

Relax in your Villa: Enjoy the comfort of the rooms offer its cutting edge design, equipped with the latest technology, the wonderful view of the decks, the fireplace and the hearth of the terraces.

Running and walking among the vineyards: Their farm team designed a circuit to run or walk enjoying the magic of the vineyards while we exercise. It has a 5 km adapted to this activity.

Bike Tour: Combine two wonderful activities, enjoy a bike ride of more than 600 ha.

Horseback riding: Make a stunning ride of over 650 acres, tour their vineyards located at the foot of the Andes.Spa-Fitness-1-Hero_StayHero

Yoga: Stretch out at a yoga class while looking out onto a beautiful view of our vineyards and the Andes.

Pool/Jacuzzi: Enjoy the heated pool and pool bar. Relax in the fabulous Jacuzzi surrounded by vineyards and lake.

Gym: With the latest technology machines, breathtaking scenery of vineyards and mountains and ultramodern architecture, the gym is the perfect spot for lovers of sport and physical activity instead . It has tv and music for your entertainment. Open 24 hours.

Climbing wall: For those who enjoy the adrenaline and the outdoors.


Depending on your departure time, you may add one more light lunch outside and the last picture of the fabulous Andes.

Transfer to the Airport.

We hope you can enjoy this wonderful trip.

Pablo Aguiló

Pointer Wingshooting


The Orvis Commitment

In the last years the amount and strenght of natural disasters and the rapidily human progress over unpopulated areas have bring about several problems to the rivers and natural habitat of fish, among other species. To confront this problem, Orvis launched an awe-inspiring campaign.

Orvis/TU 1,000 Miles Campaign: Reconnecting streams across the U.S., creating miles of spawning habitat and fishable water.tu

“I’ve fly fished the East Fork of the Nulhegan River for 10 years now and have an intimate knowledge of this beautiful little river, particularly the stretch near our hunting and fishing camp. Thanks to the excellent work in restoring habitat and new pools of opportunity, the brook trout population is burgeoning. After only one year of restoration work the improvement in fishing is remarkable. I’ve caught and released fish in seven of the newly created pools above our camp. Though small, the brookies are a healthy and active lot and no doubt will grow into a most productive resource. Where there was once little habitat at all, the new pools have already shown how quickly things can change when we put our hearts and minds (and money) to it.”
 – Frank Mills, Vermont

Help the Orvis-Trout Unlimited 1,000 Miles Campaign reach its goal to reconnect 1,000 miles of fishable streams by repairing or replacing poorly constructed culverts throughout the U.S. Culverts are significant impediments to fish passage and survival—just as orvissignificant as a major dam—but the solution is dramatically simpler. Many need to be removed or modified, the cost is minimal, and the overall impact to many watersheds is significant. Funds raised by the Orvis-TU 1,000 Miles Campaign will go toward the engineering and removing of culverts, with the goal of reconnecting over 1,000 miles of fishable habitat. Presently, there are projects that involve culvert improvement or removal on Indian Creek, WA, Otter Creek, UT and Moose Run, VT to name just a few.

In many rivers throughout the U.S., outdated and environmentally unsound culverts block fish passage, in essence creating a series of dams on small tributaries to larger rivers. These culverts negatively impact fish spawning, block fish passage into these tributaries, and take away miles upon miles of fishable water.013015_perkins

Indian Ford Creek had a major fish passage barrier removed in the summer of 2013.  Local scientists started to monitor how the fish population responded this past summer, but it was anglers who have captured our first positive results.  After hearing about the project, a Forest Service staff member decided to test the water above the project to see if our native redband trout have started to move up to use the new habitat for spawning or rearing.  He took his kids to explore their local creek, fished the creek above the project and caught several nice redband trout.  Since Indian Ford creek is being restored along with a major reintroduction of steelhead in the basin, the family is even more excited that a future fishing trip might include steelhead as they work their way up this important spawning tributary.”
– Nate Dachtler, Forest Service Biologist, Bend, ORgeorgecreekbefore

It is important to raise awareness about the damages that the flora and fauna of our world are suffering and to take action to tackle them. Following the steps of Orvis and getting involved in these campaigns is a really good way of giving something back to the world. These rivers are waiting for our help.

An example of the work: before and after hurricane Irene, and the reconstruction.

Pablo Aguiló

Pointer Outfitters