Fly Fishing in the Backyard

During the last 20 years, I have been fishing all over the world. I have been in many paradise places just for fishing. I have taken long flights from Argentina to places like Alaska in the Katmai National Park, just to tie a fly in my line and get a rainbow trout.

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But, couple of weeks ago I made the decision with some friends of going fly fishing at our backyard in the Cordoba hills. We live in the capital of dove hunting in Argentina in the province of Cordoba, and we have some nice creeks up in the hills with small rainbow and brown trouts, that are lovely to fish with small rods.

We packed fly rods # 3 and #2, and floating lines. In our fly box we had mostly dry flies. We were expecting to use only dry flies with these light rods. Imagine a virgin place where the trouts have never seen a fly fishing fly. That is a dream for any fly fishermen, right? And these days, there are not many places in the world to fly fish that had not been discovered before. IMG_GR_testimonials1419034254

The thing with these 2 rivers is that they are in private land, and we have been up in the mountains where the river starts. It is amazing that we have the access to the private land where these rivers start running and nobody have fly fished them up in the top.

One of the reasons why nobody fly fish these rivers is because of the size of the fish, which are 8 to 10 inches average. And also because it takes more than 2 hour-drive from Cordoba City or Cordoba Airport and then you have one more hour to the river. To approach these rivers we need to do it in 4×4 wheels vehicles or by horses; terrain is though.

IMG_GR_testimonials1419034005The water in these rivers run in between the rocks, sometimes big boulders that makes of this place an amazing scenario, and we had to walk through these rocks to get to the different pools. The water run constantly but not really fast, and in the pools there are areas where the water moves very slowly. It is not a deep river, and we can say it has an average of 50 inches in the pools, but some of them could be really deep, like 120 or 140 inches or very shallow, like 20 inches.

The water is clear and clean, we can drink it, no problem at all. It is amazing how clear is from over the rocks and exciting to see the fish around in each pool.

We have tried also, fishing down the river, in the valley, where there are less big rocks and it is easier to wade around, and it looks like 2 different rivers. In this area we found some runs, and then the pools and slow waters, where the trouts were hiding waiting for the food.IMG_GR_testimonials1419032205

Wind is tricky up in the mountains, and one evening made it difficult to cast, but not impossible with a # 3 rod, but the mornings with no wind where just amazing. It is a very smooth fishing, with a very smooth cast.

We had fish in every pool, amazing! It was nearly 7 or 8 trouts running behind our flies per pool, so we can say that there was plenty of fishing. It was nice to see them first and then casting smoothly in front of them.

In my opinion, fly fishing success is not about the inches or the number of fish you get in the bag, that is important, but what makes a fly fishing place special, is the combination of how we get the fish, I mean watching them, hunting them; and also the remote area of the world where for some days it will be only the paradise and our soul.IMG_GR_testimonials1419034461IMG_GR_testimonials1419032680

We will not recommend you to come to the high hills off Cordoba for fly fishing, there is many different places closer for you, but if you are coming Cordoba for dove hunting or business, we recommend you to do it one time. Fly fishing Cordoba in these small creeks could be an experience of a life time.

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Pablo Aguilo

Pointer Fly Fishing

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