My Agua Boa experience

Pablo – hey buddy!! Let me answer some of your question. All aspects of the trip were very good!! Two guys per boat with one guide poling – always plenty of ice – each person made their sandwiches in the morning for lunch / breakfast and dinner was very adequate.

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Two per room with ac – wifi at main lodge but not in room – do take your own liquor of choice – had plenty of wine like at lodges in Argentina/ accommodations certainly not as plush as lodges in Argentina but remember where you are.

We carried 8 and nine wt fly rods with good selection of streamers but don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t 8-any names – huge swimming pool waist deep with wade up bar and hourdervs (sp)- you know bob and I like nice stuff and I have been lobbying to go back, logistics from US as all fly fishing destinations around the world are not easy.
One more thing: sort of long getting there from USA – Miami then spend the night there- next morning fly to Manaus and required to spend the night there then fly to airstrip at agua boa. Probably next time could be Manaus for 2 nights.
Check this info about the river: The Agua Boa River is a small clear water river flowing over white sand. The river begins high in the Mocidade mountains to its confluence with the Branco river. It is flanked by upland forest, flood forest and savannah with all of its wildlife still intact. This combination of pristine and varied habitats makes for both
interesting and scenic fishing.low_60012
The Agua Boa fishery revolves around lagoons, inland lakes, and the river channel. The Agua Boa is home to all three species of Peacock Bass – the Butterfly Peacock, the Spotted Peacock and the Temensis Peacock.
Me and my friends visit the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge strictly to sight fish for peacock bass, arowana, pacu and a host of other jungle species.
There was another group with very skilled fly fishermen and they caught a good many fish – bob and I had one really superb day – we caught approximately – 15 total but four or so – 18lbers and several more 8-12 lbs. Yes! lunch is under shade on side of river, hammocks if you want. At lunch you might be hour or so boat ride from lodge – you know how fishing is – water level , clarity, weather but you should have a great time.
My best,
David West

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