Alphonse Island The Dream

I have seen a great video some months ago, and for the first time in my life I had found out what a Giant Trevally or a GT looks like! Amazing!


No many times in my life I had the feeling that there was something I had to do in the next 24 months to be extremely happy, and I promise myself I will go there no matter what. So, I had thought to call them and get reservations for 2017 for a group of 6 people, and since then I had started thinking, who will be those six crazy fly fishermen that will come with me to this lost place in Paradise.

alphonse 2

The fishing looks crazy. There are 7 species there but really one epic fish, the giant trevally. I have seen one of the most amazing videos about GT made by 7 degrees south 30 sec teaser. I would like to share this link in this report because is such an amazing video, that I would like every one of my friends to enjoy it:

7 degrees south 30 sec teaser

I hope you had as much fun and joy watching that video as I still do every time I have the pleasure to watch it. Adrenaline!!!

alphonse 6

So, it was funny; where the heck is Alphonse Island? No idea.

Only google maps can help, right?

But the surprise was when I had seen the island is as big as the land trip, and I was working with the zoom in my screen, and only water, and salt water and more water… only water, and finally I had seen another small island, Desroches Island. At that time, in your screen you will see nothing, just water!!! NOTHING! Just water!!! I want to be there!! And I had continue playing with the zoom and finally I had seen Seychelles!!! We are in the Indic Ocean. Desroches is only a little bigger than Alphonse! Just a little biger LOL

I am on my way to Alphonse! It is a dream! And I would like to do it with 5 more friends!

So I had started reading about it and this is what I have found out in their website:

Considered a fly anglers paradise, the expansive sea flats surrounding the atolls of Alphonse and St Francois provide the fly fishing experience of a lifetime. This spectacular wilderness has ten thousand acres of white sand flats, which provide easy wading and world class site fishing. The atolls are home to incredibly large populations of Bonefish, 3 different types of Triggerfish, Barracuda, Snapper, Grouper, Permit, Parrotfish, 8 species of Trevally (including the Giant Trevally), and the incomparable Milkfish.

alphonse 4

This diversity gives anglers the opportunity to target a myriad of different species during their stay. The St Francois fishery caters for just 12 fly anglers at a time to maintain exclusivity and sustainability. To ensure guests the ultimate fishing experience, an international team of knowledgeable guides and qualified managers are on hand to share their passion for this unique fishery and its environment. Anglers are transferred for the short run from Alphonse to St François lagoon by the 40′ mother ship to where the skiffs are kept anchored.

The fishing is very much tide dependent so the prevailing conditions will dictate which species you will focus on. You are then able to access the vast expanse of flats, lagoons, channels and reefs which spoil anglers in the choice of environment and species for which they would like to hunt. The accommodation at Alphonse is amongst some of the most comfortable you will encounter at any fly fishing destination in the world.

I am excited, and I hope you get excited too. We are going!

So, what to do now? Just send an email and get in touch.

So I have called …

Pablo Aguilo


Pointer Outfitters

Crazy Tigerfish Part 1

Tigerfish is an amazing sweet water fish that can be 30 pounds big. We can catch this fish in some of the best rivers of the southern part of Africa, like the Zambezi River or the Okavango Delta, or even in countries like Malawi or Zambia.


After some time doing research, I got in touch with the fly fishing guides of Tourette Fishing. The reason was simple; they had the best reputation on fly fishing in Africa and they have the concession to fly fish the Mnyera River and the Ruhudji River. It is in this 2 great rivers that nowadays prolific fly fisherman can get over 10 to 15 pounds fish almost every day.

The Fish in a Remote Paradise

To get to the fish is not easy, but we all know that, to get to a paradise, you’ll have to pay a price. It took me 5 different flights: 3 international flights and 2 small planes to the remote area close to Ruaha national Park in Mboro, Tanzania. A total of 20 hours in the air and 12,5 hours in different airports.


On my way to Africa, my final destination was Tanzania, and there is not an embassy in my country that could tell me a bit about what we would need to travel there, so our good friend google helped me to get a glimpse of what to expect. Passport, photos 4×4, yellow fever international vaccine card, and I thought maybe an insurance.

Ok. let me tell you.

The Julius Nyerere international airport is small and, in a certain way, reminded me of Cuba. Upon arrival, while we were leaving the airplane, we were packed in a very rustic office in which we were supposed to do the visa application. A person dressed up with a white turban asked me “tourist?”, the answer was “Yes”, and he pointed out with his finger. Then, a young police officer stood up between the other tourist and recollected passports, yellow fever cards and 50 USD. So when he had like 30 different people passports, he gave them to another officer that was behind a desk, who had to give those passports to another 3 or 5 people to make the passport visa happen.

One foreign was not very happy with the idea of giving his passport to this young police in Tanzania, so he was hoping his passport will be back. He was European, and the world system is different. For me, being Argentine, and after travelling around South America, Central America, and Africa, I had decided to have hope and just be patient.There was not air conditioning on that airport and it was really hot even with just a shirt and light pants. I would not like to be there between December and March. It must be scorching hot ! LOL


Just for the record, all this has been said just in order to help you understand that, when you get to these countries in South Africa, you should expect disorganization, but in their own way, they make things happen.

The driver was waiting for us outside the airport, standing between a hundred of black people with letters and names. I laughed and I just started pointing out to some of them and saying “not you buddy”, “Not you”, “neither you”…. And finally… Eureka! My name was there! 

I just hope Mark Coubis and Jill will be able to make it happen with no problem. The 4 of us will be fishing together that week.

Good Luck

I met my driver and, after a few minutes, we were on our way to the Hotel. It took us like an hour to get there. There was a terrible traffic jam in Dar es Salaam, so I hope you guys have luck and arrive there during the night since it’s the best time to drive around Dar es Salaam. I asked my driver his name: “Good Luck” he said. Are you kidding me!?. No. Good Luck. My name is Good Luck, Sir. Ok. That was funny. We had been stacked in traffic, nothing really terrible though. The fishing time was closer. It was a day and a half. I just need to be patient. The rest of the group will meet me at Seacliff Hotel that day, and the following morning we will do the flight to Iringa and Mboro.


The Seacliff Hotel is a great option. It has amazing rooms and swimming pool. It also has a very good restaurant with high standards and a bar lounge restaurant in front of the ocean over a cliff that is outstanding. Every evening there is a band playing nice music and the place is very popular. You will see people in almost every table and at the bar too, but what it’s funny, is how many people is on their phones, without even checking what is going on around them. We should be able to be with ourselves, without needing to be all time in touch with somebody or checking any social media.

To be continued…

Pablo Aguiló

Owner and Director

Pointer Outfitters