In the hills of Cordoba


It was early December when we went flyfishing with Lucas Dominguez to the high mountains of Córdoba. It was necessary to do some survey to see the fishing conditions of a river inside private lands in Altas Cumbres, a beautiful place with incredible landscapes that you cannot miss.

At 7 am we were ready to leave Jesús María and two hours later we were fishing in Altas Cumbres.  On the way there, access was mostly by asphalt and 45km on a dirt road that you can only transit with a 4×4 truck.

IMG_GR_testimonials1456946378Altas Cumbres road is well-know for the historic construction of it. In the last years of the 1950s, it became clear that there was a need to modernize the old Suspension bridges road in the province of Córdoba, Argentina. Increasing traffic and trade between the provinces of Cordoba Mendoza and San Juan needed new roads to expedite travelling times and decrease costs. At the same time, it was considered important to create a route linking the ports of the Atlantic with the Pacific through the Cordoba corridor.

In 1956, President of Provincial Roads Engineer Laisseca said that it was inappropriate for the old road to be improved, but a new one should be built using the best modern technology. For this reason, during the administration of Governor Arturo Zanichelli, an aerial survey of that region of the Sierras Grandes was undertaken to map the topography. Roads were cut to enable surveyors to design the best route.

IMG_GR_testimonials1456946259When we got there, we had to open 6 gates to finally see the river. Then, we left the truck in a place inside the land and walked to the river like 40 minutes.

We decided to put our lunch inside our backpacks and just take the day off to explore the zone. Surprised by rain, we couldn’t fly-fish very well, but we found out that it was a river that goes through the mountains, between the rocks, and has open waters too. It also has few sliding river and huge water mirrors, which makes casting interesting.

When fishing, we used fishing rods number 3 but the conditions were not the best and fish were not catching our fly, so we tried out different types of fly until we found the most suitable one. That day, Lucas did a great job when catching a 7 pound trout, which is very unusual in this part of Córdoba. Four years ago, Lucas laid 10.000 alevin that we can get to see now, but it is really tough to catch them because they are not active yet.


After lunch, we continued up with some afternoon fishing, going upstream where we left our truck. Afternoon activity was not a very good one, but we saw some nice animals, mostly rainbow trouts and little trouts inside water well.

The walking back was not easy but neither impossible. For everything we used light equipment with little fly, hooks number 16 and 18, dry fly and no streamer except for one case that Lucas put to use with that huge trout he caught.


At the end of the trip, I can say I have a new challenge; go back there and do another survey when those alevins are more active.

Pablo Aguilo

Pointer Outfitters



OPTI reel by Loop

Check what is new about the OPTI reel by LOOP, recommended by Pointer Fly Fishing:01_opti_01-2

OPTi reels come in a wide variety of sizes, each optimized for specific fishing applications. Creek and DryFly, with a silky-smooth drag that handles the thinnest leader. The Runner, which is built on the same principles as its big brother Speedrunner, is the obvious choice for light double-hand rods or slightly heavier single-hand rods. Speedrunner features an inset handle andextra diameter for speedsters. The all new Strike shows off some of the best from two worlds: Compact and lightweight as a single-hand reel but with the capacity of a heavy double-hander. A coming favorite for your heavy single-hand and the double-hand artillery! Megaloop comes with dual braking plates anda super sturdy construction for tackling really big fish. The king of the hill is the OPTi Big. With an absolutely huge drag system it is designed to stop anything. The OPTi reel will be your best and most beautiful friend for life.

Technical specifications:

  •   Housing and spool machined from one piece aircraft aluminium.
  •  Waterproof and salt tolerant.01_opti_03-1062x1050
  •   Components in stainless steel and anodised aluminium.
  •   All screws secured with Loc-Tite.
  •   Mechanized components from leading European manufacturers.
  •   Power Matrix Drag System.
  •   Spool designed with a V-Shape for optimal fly line spooling.
  •   Easy-grip progressive brake knob.
  •   Simple, quick spool-change.
  •   Right or left retrieve a snap.
  •   Outgoing click.
  •   Precisely counterbalanced.

Pablo Aguiló

Pointer Fly Fishing

History of a Big One

Lets share the story of one top notch company in the fly fishing world :simms logo

Simms is a brand founded on the pillars of innovation. It was the brainchild of visionary angler John Simms who saw a need to develop better waders and accessories than what was then available on the market. That quest led to the development of Simms Fishing Products in 1980. During that era, Simms was one of the first companies worldwide to introduce neoprene waders, which provided enhanced warmth and waterproofing armor for serious anglers pushing the limits of their fishing pursuits.

The brand continued to progress under the Jackson-based Life-Link International banner through the ’80s. But it took a giant leap in 1993, when current owner, K.C. Walsh, a passionate angler and entrepreneur, acquired the company and relocated it to Bozeman. Walsh grew up in a flyfishing family and it was his life-long dream to live, and work, and play in Montana.

Under Walsh’s leadership, Simms introduced breathable waders in a trailblazing partnership with W.L. Gore & Associates (makers of GORE-TEX® fabric). That seismic shift breathed new life into wader innovation and has since powered the sport to new levels of comfort and performance. Today Simms continues to mature as a brand with a trained eye on fisheries conservation and inspired product development over a wide swath of technical apparel offerings—from state-of-the art sun protection and wind-blocking outerwear to pioneering CleanStream™ footwear technologies.wade-happiness_800

What remains unswerving, however, is Simms’s commitment to U.S.-based manufacturing and business ideals. When Simms relocated headquarters in 2012, it cemented its Bozeman roots with a new 60,000-square-foot facility housing corporate headquarters, warehouses, and its production plant. This 15,000 square-foot expansion provides elbowroom to drive product evolution in a more efficient and effective manner. It also solidifies Simms as the sole fishing wader manufacturer in the country. Simms currently staffs nearly 120 locally based employees and is a recognized Montana economic ambassador and community contributor.

Although Simms continues to strive for new heights its vision—that stems back to that misty Jackson morning and reverberates through the halls of its new Bozeman stronghold—remains the same: To produce the highest quality products to keep you protected from the elements in any and all fishing conditions.

In addition to this, since the beginning Simms has partnered with leading fisheries conservation organizations the world over, recently spearheading Aquatic Invasive Species education and awareness, while innovating CleanStreamTM technologies to minimize the spread of “hitch-hiking” organisms.

simmsLocally, our folks at Simms are involved in cleanups on the Yellowstone and Madison rivers, Simms sponsors a section of highway along the Madison River, and we support Trout Unlimited (at all levels national, state, regional and local). In addition, the company donates money and time to groups such as the American Rivers, Defend the Upper Colorado, Smith River Watch, Hoh River Watch, Friends of the Delaware, Public Land/Water Access Association, and many more.

Besides, our company and team members support many non-profit organizations that are committed to making the world a better place –through restorative programs that utilize fishing as part of the therapeutic experience or engaging with local youth organizations to promote outdoor activities and conservation through fishing.

Healthy fisheries are essential to this sport’s longevity. You can join them in taking action today.Simms-New-Bldg

Companies like Pointer Flyfishing can enrich and get the maximum of what we do thanks to companies like Simms. These among other aspects are why we choose the best for our guests.

Pablo Aguiló.

Pointer Flyfishing.