A Perfect Wine

LUIGI BOSCA – Malbec Reserve

Luigi Bosca Malbec is an intense purple colour wine, with distinct aromas of ripe red fruits, spices and black pepper. The intensity of the entry in the mouth is complemented with the softness and sweetness of tannins, respecting the characteristics of the grape variety in Argentina. A pure, full-bodied, well-structured red wine with character and all the juiciness typical of this variety. A long lingering and elegant finish.



Malbec Private Collection: Navarro Correas


From Navarro Correas in Mendoza Province, this 2012 “Colección Privada” (private collection) is 100% Malbec, aged for twelve months in French oak.

Purplish red, this wine is bright with average fluency. On the nose, aromas of plum, violet, berries and spice. On the palate, plum fruit flavours and a hint of spice.


With medium body, silky texture and a long, fresh finish, this Argentina red pairs well with roasted meat, chicken and pasta dishes with cream sauce.


This is an elegant Malbec wine that meets sophisticated processing.

Recommended Wine: Los Alamos Malbec

Alamos Malbec

Alamos Malbec

Alamos crafts quality wines from Argentina, offering the best of Mendoza’s high altitude vineyards.  Alamos grapes are grown at the foothills of the Andes Mountains at elevations of 3,000 to 5,000 feet, where intense sunlight, cool evening temperatures and mineral-rich irrigation from mountain snowmelt translate to rich wines with intense flavor characteristics.

About the Wine:

A classically Argentine wine, the  Alamos 2012 Malbec is blended with small portions of Syrah and Bonarda to meld deep dark cherry and blackberry flavors with hints of brown spice and vanilla. A long finish and firm tannins make this Malbec unforgettable.



Imagine this delicious wine with a typical Argentinian barbecue after an extraordinary fishing day with Pointer Fly Fishing? Nothing could be better!

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After a perfect day of fishing with friends, there’s nothing better than an exquisite meal at the field.

Our chef is the best in preparing our famous “chimichurri”.



It’s a condiment originally from Argentina. It’s mainly used in towns and rural areas since it enhances the flavor of bushmeat  like doves, pigeons, deer, ducks, etc.

Chimichurri is made from finely chopped parsley (an alternative version uses coriander), minced garlic, olive oil, paprika, salt and white or red wine vinegar.

Argentinian Barbecue

Argentinian Barbecue

With no exception , all our guests want to try this sauce. They try it with the barbecue or with delicious homemade bread that we have at the table at lunch. 90% of our clients eat the meat with a lot of “chimichurri” and half of them ask for the recipe!

Whoever wants to take home some chimichurri, we give you one that is dissected as a gift. You can prepare it at home with oil, water and salt.

Come to check our famous chimichurri and enjoy the best flyfishing options!

Don David Reserve Malbec


Cold mornings and nights, and long hot days result in wines that are highly concentrated in color, aromas and flavors with a unique fruity character.

The winemaker goal is to produce elegant and complex wines in the range. 70% of the wines is aged in small barrels of both American and French oak for 12 months. 100% of the wine goes through malolactic fermentation spontaneously.


Talking about this specific wine:

-Colour: vivacious red with violet sparkles. A noble tear indicates its firm structure.

-Aroma: plum jam and raisin combined with pipe tobacco, vanilla and toasted notes dominate the aromas.

-Taste: very well balanced with sweet and soft tannins. Fruity full of plumbs and chocolate notes. Pleasant finish.

So, what do you think about this wine? Have you ever tried it? I must say that I did and is really good. Specially combined with a good barbecue!

The Best Red Wine in the World is Argentine!

Familia Binachi Malbec Reserve

San Rafael Vineyard, Mendoza.

San Rafael Vineyard, Mendoza.

For the first time in the viticulture history of our country, an Argentine wine received the maximum award for “Best Red Wine in the World” in the prestigious competition “Vinalies Internationales”


Famiglia Bianchi Reserve Malbec 2012 was elbaorated by Casa Bianchi cellar in San Rafeal, Mendoza. The luscious, intense fruit aromas that hint of ripe plumbs, cherries and berries give an initial indication of why this variety is so highly recommended. The flavors are similar to the aromas with a mouth feel of a massive presence but at the same time soft and silky


You can enjoy this wine and many others with us. Imagine yourself sitting near a fireplace with a glass of Malbec wine after an intensive full fishing day…Priceless!  We have a selected option of malbec and cabernet sauvignon, which are perfect to enjoy with red meat and with our famous barbecues.

Fishing Dorado at San Javier Lodge Argentina

tn_dorado_1024_68A7262We have been fishing Dorado for 2 amazing dates at San Javier River Lodge (Santa Fe, Argentina) and marshlands with Robert and Todd (who have a great first name: Parrish), from Texas.

San Javier Lodge

San Javier Lodge

We had the strongest rain somebody can remember the day before, what was giving us a kind of bad feeling, but on Wednesday, weather was not that bad. Any way we had rain on the morning so we all had our raining gear and did our best to get some fish. Piranha was very active and we have some of them too.

The afternoon was much better, and with some sun over our shoulders, we had one lovely sunset on the river, and for Todd and Robert was a unique experience far away from the office.

One of them just told us yesterday before supper that he sent an email to his best friend with the following note:

“I have rate San Javier Lodge as excellent because of its very nice Argentina Estancia setting close by to the famous River and effort by all the lodge staff members to make you feel welcome and at home in their home. A very courteous personal service for food and wine, also scrambled eggs for breakfast with great bacon is a treat North Americans rarely find on the table in Argentina. The staff spoke excellent English which was very comforting when wanting to relax after 10 hours of fishing. I highly recommend this place.”


South America‘s Golden Dorado is a rare game fish known for its unique beauty, ferocious fighting, explosive runs and tarpon-like acrobatics.  Though the fish has been famous among South American anglers for quite some time, very few outsiders had even heard of the Golden Dorado – let alone fished for them.  In the last 10 years, however, the Dorado\’s reputation as one of the world\’s best freshwater fighters went global.  Today, adventurous anglers from around the world are flocking to South America in pursuit of this magnificent game fish.


Today, we expect to have another great day… we will tell you later… J


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Strobel Lake: Shelter of Huge Rainbow Trout

tn_DSC_16381Fishing in this lake is definitely a unique experience. You have the feeling of being in a space where you cannot distinguish what is real from what is not, like a dream.

Here, the rainbow trout fishing is one of the most inhospitable and extreme of all the country.


“Strobel Lake” is located in the central plateau of Santa Cruz province, which has approximately 20 km long and 15 km wide and is 900 meters above sea level. It is a desert area, very rugged, with very little vegetation and full of volcanic rock, which makes it very difficult to reach. In fact, the last few miles are done very slowly to avoid damaging the trucks. You can see plenty of species of migratory birds and some endemic species such as the Hooded Grebe. Also, in the area inhabit lots of wild pumas (a large feline that resembles a lion) and guanacos (similar to a llama).


Even though we all see pictures, watch videos and read comments of other travelers before making our own trip, it is very hard to put in words or pictures how it is here in this wonderful fishing place, where is found one of the largest and wildest rainbow trout populations of the planet. Not only is the size of these fish what amazes people, but also, their vitality and strength.

It is possible to catch trout in between 4.4 pounds and 26 pounds, with an average size of 11 pounds; and it is not crazy to think that with the lake in good condition, an average angler can get 30, 40 or even more of these fish.

tn_foto 11

It is hard to think that a fish of this size has so much energy during “the fight”, creating endless runs and jumping over and over again. With this in mind, there are plenty of different possibilities and options for anglers. You can choose to fish in the lake with heavy hand equipment or with a two handed #7, and a streamer or tube fly. Or you can fish in the area close to the mouth of the only stream that enters the lake area, the Barrancoso River, since this is an obligatory route for the trout that try to enter the River. In the area near the mouth, we can try with lighter equipment, depending on the strength of the wind. But, there is no doubt that the most intense experience is exploring the crystal clear water of the Barrancoso River.


“Our stay was fantastic; the staff of the lodge is always paying attention to the guest’s needs, the food is excellent and the guides are very professional. And most important of all: “the fishing was from another planet”.

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