Tanzania Tigerfish Week 9


The last week of the Tanzania tiger season came in what seemed like a blink of an eye. This week we welcomed back Dr Bentele for the fourth straight season. He was joined by two new anglers, Randy from the USA and Johan from Germany.

The guys started things off on the Mnyera and connected with big fish on both days on this river. Despite getting plenty of shots though, the guys really battled to convert and by the end of day two, they managed a good number of fish with the highlights being an 11 and 15lbs fish.


Day 3 the guys made the trek over to the Ruhudji river and were greeted by seriously hungry fish! The first Ruhudji session was fished on the lower beat and fish of all kinds and sizes were throwing themselves at the flies! By the end of the day, each angler had some serious line burn on their fingers to remember this special session. As with most big tigerfish, they managed to get the better of the anglers but some really good fish were still landed. Both Karl and Randy lost fish in access of 20lbs after some spectacular jumps. Randy however still managed to bag a solid 15lb fish, while John was laying down the law and hammered many 8 to 11lbs fish! Things were looking good for the next two days.


Day 4 & 5 was fished on the upper and middle beat. The guys experienced some exceptional fishing on the upper Ruhudji, especially the section close to the remote Matumbi village, tucked away in the mountains at the top of the concession. Along this area the water is so clean that you can see the fish before it eats the fly! Again the guys did battle with numbers of fish in the 20lbs range but a lot of bad luck made converting these eats nearly impossible. Fish biting through wire, jumping off before the net, and just spitting the fly on the second or third jump. John however was keeping the guys in the game by landing a solid 15lbs tiger and a number of fish in the 10lbs range. Despite the amount of fish lost, everyone was having a good time and spirits were high for the last day in the rapids.


The rapids are not an easy place to fish, especially on fly. Most of the spots, one does have room for a proper  back cast and with fast flowing water it meant controlling the fly was not an easy job.

The fish were not overly aggressive as hoped, but the ones that did eat were quite sneaky. Hitting the fly as it hit the water, leaving the angler with no time to gain control of the line  and set the hook! Some of the bigger fish also used the fast currents and structure to their advantage and leaving everyone with broken off leaders and lines.


The last two hours of the day was spent fishing off the boat on the upper reaches of the Mnyera. As was the story of the week, some monsters were hooked, but for various reasons, did not stick. Many fish in the 8 – 12 lb range were landed, and so marked the end of the trip, and a great 2014 season.

IMG_GR_testimonials1448467805Thanks to all our guest who joined us this year, although it was a tougher season than usual due to the crazy weather, however great fish were caught and unforgettable memories made. The high cold water over the season has resulted in all fish being caught in being prime condition, fat and healthy. It was a constant over the season, and guides commented through out the season at what super condition the fish were in due to the colder than average temps.  This bodes well for a great spawning season, and a super 2015. We can’t wait to get back and look forward to welcoming past and new guests back to this amazing corner of Tanzania, home to the infamous trophy tigerfish of the Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers.

Kindest Regards

Rob Scott




If you’re planning a Fly Fishing trip to Cuba, an island full of majestic yet voracious Tarpon, you may want to learn a little more about the history of this Caribbean paradise!

La Habana

Cuba was first discovered by Christopher Columbus on October 27th, 1492. For a man who had seen countless tropical islands, he was extremely impressed with Cuba and said ¨it is the most beautiful land human eyes have ever seen¨. After its discovery, the island was quickly colonized by the Spaniards, at the expense of the local aboriginal population, and by the sixteen hundreds, the first seven settlements: Baracoa, Bayamo, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Puerto Principe and San Cristobal de la Habana had been founded.
By the nineteenth century, the Cuban population had become so distanced from their cousins in Spain that a movement began for independence from Europe.
The first war of independence began on October 1868 and was led by Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, ¨the father of the country¨. After ten years of fighting, the struggle ended in defeat.

The second attempt started on February 24th, 1895, and was led this time by Jose Marti who is considered the national hero of the country. He founded the Cuban Revolutionary Party and by 1898 victory was within sight. However, the US Government intervened, declared war on Spain, and after Spain was defeated kept the Cubans from attaining power.

The Republic was declared on May 20th, 1902, and was followed by a long period of economic and political dominance by the US that lasted until January 1st, 1959, when the Revolution finally triumphed. This was after several years of fighting in Sierra Maestra Mountains near Santiago and an underground struggle in the cities that finally toppled the Batista government on New Year’s Eve.

Fly Fishing in paradise!

Fly Fishing in paradise!

Now that you know a bit more… Don’t you wanna go? For more information about our tailor made Fly Fishing trips, please visit our website www.pointerflyfishing.com 

City Tour Buenos Aires

buenosaires1 - copia

Tour Buenos Aires

Discover the beauty and magic of Buenos Aires. Starting from Colón Theatre where you will see the symbolic Obelisco. Then visit “Playa de Mayo” (Square): historical, political and foundational epicenter. Other important places to visit: Metropolitan Cathedral, Government House, the Cabildo and the Municipality.

You can’t miss the opportunity to visit “San Telmo”, the “Tango” neighborhood and “La Boca” neighborhood. There you will find Boca Juniors Football Stadium, which is the maximum example of Argentina’s Passion: Football. Visit “Caminito”: the most tourist place of the area.

"La Boca" Neighbourhood

“La Boca” Neighbourhood

San Telmo: Tango afternoon

San Telmo: Tango afternoon

You must also visit “Puerto Madero” neighborhood which occupies a significant portion of the Río de la Plata riverbank and represents the latest architectural trends in the city of Buenos Aires. Continuing our tour, visit Palermo, which is a residential neighborhood with parks and elegant buildings.

Puerto Maderno Neighbourhood

Puerto Maderno Neighbourhood

Lastly try to visit the area known as “Bosques” (Woods) where you can find “El Rosedal”, “Carta Magna” and “Cuatro Regiones de Argentina” Monument and the Zoo.

Evita Tour

buenosaires2 - copia

Evita is a very important and popular icon in our history.For those history lovers this is a very exciting place to visit: “Evita’s Museum”. Here you will experience her childhood, her career as an actress, her life as the first lady of President Juan Domingo Perón, her fight for women’s civil rights and her death.

City Tour by Night

NIghlife in Buenos Aires

NIghlife in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a relly beautiful city at night. This is a very special part of the day to visit the Spaniards Monument, the Planetario, Palermo, the Racetrack, Recoleta, National Congress, Plaza de Mayo (square), Puerto Madero, Lola Mora and Buenos Aires Casino. Discover the beauty of the spectacular nightlife. You could also tour around Libertador Avenue, full of glamour and surrounded by beautiful constructions. In Recoleta I encourage you to discover the variety of coffee shops, the pedestrian area, restaurants and discotheques.