Alaska Was a Dream Come True

When you pack your hunting gear for a mixed bag combo hunt you will never expect to end up fly fishing for the best rainbow trout ever. And that is what had happened to me in 2007 at San Juan Lodge. It was there where I and famous photographer Marcos Furer met Greg Reyes, owner of Enchanted Lake Lodge, hunting some upland birds named perdiz, from the tinamu family (similar to quails in Alabama, but different color).

It was one night in front of a fire, where we have been invited to share a great week of fly fishing at well know Enchanted Lake Lodge in July 2008. We have organize our flights schedules to get to San Jose California, from where we had flight by private net jet plane to king Salmon, Alaska. The flight with Greg and all his friends was great and we were excited about visiting one of the paradises of the fly fishing and hunting: Alaska. We were going to Katmai National Park, close to Nonvianuk Lake.



Katmai National Park was established in 1918 to protect the volcanically devastated region surrounding Mount Katmai and the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. Today, Katmai National Park and Preserve remains an active volcanic landscape, but it also protects 9,000 years of human history as well as important habitat for salmon and the thousands of brown bears that feed on them. I have to confess that was strange to be fly fishing with all this bears around, especially for somebody that have fly fish a lot Patagonia and salt water in the Caribbean.


From King Salmon, our final destination in the private jet, we have been taken to the lodge by an extra 30 minutes flight till we landed on clear water, in small lake close by to Nonvianuk Lake and just in front of the lodge. The lodge was beautiful, but specially cozy and great for a private party of 8 fishermen’s. We have had our own private cabins, with private bathroom, and very comfortable beds; what was very important after every exhausting day in the river. Food was outstanding.

We were there just in the right time. June and July can provide some of the most consistent, productive rainbow trout fishing found anywhere in the world and why you should consider it when thinking about your next vacation. Take a look at a few key points to keep in mind the next time you’re tempted to brush off the early season in Alaska.


We have been in the water for 6 complete days and we had fly fished tiny rivers to fast waters, all kind of different size rivers, but all with an amazing volume of good fish. The guides at Enchanted boats and airplanes were always clean and we had never had an issue with the engines. Lodge service is amazing, food, drinks and camaraderie was unique. Thanks to ideal water levels and clear, blue skies, the fishing was on fire right from opening day. The annual fry migration did not disappoint, with several large rainbows being landed on floating lines and dry fry patterns. The dry fly fishing was even better than ever.



The Little Ku is another river experiencing a peak in the number of trophy rainbows. Ideal conditions late in the season on rivers like the Kvichak and Battle Creek made for some incredible days on the water. The Brooks has always been a favorite destination for all fly fishermen’s, as Daren and Scott had told me, but you have to get use to fly fish with all the bears around you.



I am just waiting for the next group of friends to jump on board on 2015 season to be able to go visit Daren and his crew again, and feel again paradise under my feet. For further info regarding this lodge and fly fishing option, please visit the section about it in this website.

Stay tuned, we’ll be happy to get you started on what can and should be an amazing Alaskan adventure!

Pablo Aguilo


Pointer Fly Fishing


If you’re planning a Fly Fishing trip to Cuba, an island full of majestic yet voracious Tarpon, you may want to learn a little more about the history of this Caribbean paradise!

La Habana

Cuba was first discovered by Christopher Columbus on October 27th, 1492. For a man who had seen countless tropical islands, he was extremely impressed with Cuba and said ¨it is the most beautiful land human eyes have ever seen¨. After its discovery, the island was quickly colonized by the Spaniards, at the expense of the local aboriginal population, and by the sixteen hundreds, the first seven settlements: Baracoa, Bayamo, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Puerto Principe and San Cristobal de la Habana had been founded.
By the nineteenth century, the Cuban population had become so distanced from their cousins in Spain that a movement began for independence from Europe.
The first war of independence began on October 1868 and was led by Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, ¨the father of the country¨. After ten years of fighting, the struggle ended in defeat.

The second attempt started on February 24th, 1895, and was led this time by Jose Marti who is considered the national hero of the country. He founded the Cuban Revolutionary Party and by 1898 victory was within sight. However, the US Government intervened, declared war on Spain, and after Spain was defeated kept the Cubans from attaining power.

The Republic was declared on May 20th, 1902, and was followed by a long period of economic and political dominance by the US that lasted until January 1st, 1959, when the Revolution finally triumphed. This was after several years of fighting in Sierra Maestra Mountains near Santiago and an underground struggle in the cities that finally toppled the Batista government on New Year’s Eve.

Fly Fishing in paradise!

Fly Fishing in paradise!

Now that you know a bit more… Don’t you wanna go? For more information about our tailor made Fly Fishing trips, please visit our website 


If you come to Argentina for a fishing trip, you will not only enjoy the amazing experience, but also you will try all different kinds of Argentinian food!

empanadas 1


An “empanada” is a stuffed bread or pastry baked or fried in many countries as in Argentina.

“Empanadas” are made by folding dough or bread around stuffing, which usually consists of a variety of meat, cheese, vegetables, among others.

Argentine empanadas are often served at parties as a starter or main course, or in festivals. Shops specialize in freshly made empanadas, with many flavors and fillings.

The dough is usually of wheat flour and beef drippings with fillings differing from province to province; in some, it is mainly chicken; in others, beef (cubed or ground depending on the region) is used, perhaps spiced with cumin and paprika; others include onion, boiled egg, olives, or raisins. Empanadas can be baked (Salta-style) or fried (Tucuman-style). They may also contain ham, fish, humita (sweetcorn with white sauce) or spinach; a fruit filling is used to create a dessert empanada. Empanadas of the interior regions can be spiced with peppers.

In larger cities, empanadas are more commonly eaten as take-away food, sourced from restaurants specializing in this dish. They usually carry dozens of different varieties, which is not the case in northern provinces, where “empanadas” are usually made at home, with more traditional recipes.

Also popular are the so-called “arabian” empanadas, filled with beef, tomatoes, onion, and lemon juice.

empanadas 2

A Luxurious Hotel


Whether you come to Argentina to fish Golden Dorados or maybe Rainbow Trout, you should stay at least one time in the fantastic and well-known Alvear Palace Hotel. We recommend our friends and guests to do it at least once in their lives.

The hotel from the street

The hotel from the street

Situated in the most elegant neighborhood of Buenos Aires, La Recoleta, the Alvear Palace Hotel was originally built as a luxury hotel to accommodate the increasing amount of European visitors arriving in Buenos Aires at the time, the Alvear Palace was transformed in 1932 into a model of the highest expression of refinement. The majestic rooms and suites, as well as the lobby and public areas, are reminiscent of the Louis XV and Louis XVI styles, which are evident in the furniture, the crystal chandeliers, walls decorated with gold leaf and works of art of famous artists.

The luxurious lobby.

The luxurious lobby.

With eleven floors and five basement levels, this luxurious hotel has a capacity for 800 people in 110 rooms and 100 suites.

One of the gorgeous rooms.

One of the gorgeous rooms.

So guys, if you want to stay at this wonderful hotel on your next fishing trip with Pointer Fly Fishing, just let us know. You can’t miss it!

A Perfect Wine

LUIGI BOSCA – Malbec Reserve

Luigi Bosca Malbec is an intense purple colour wine, with distinct aromas of ripe red fruits, spices and black pepper. The intensity of the entry in the mouth is complemented with the softness and sweetness of tannins, respecting the characteristics of the grape variety in Argentina. A pure, full-bodied, well-structured red wine with character and all the juiciness typical of this variety. A long lingering and elegant finish.



Malbec Private Collection: Navarro Correas


From Navarro Correas in Mendoza Province, this 2012 “Colección Privada” (private collection) is 100% Malbec, aged for twelve months in French oak.

Purplish red, this wine is bright with average fluency. On the nose, aromas of plum, violet, berries and spice. On the palate, plum fruit flavours and a hint of spice.


With medium body, silky texture and a long, fresh finish, this Argentina red pairs well with roasted meat, chicken and pasta dishes with cream sauce.


This is an elegant Malbec wine that meets sophisticated processing.

Recommended Wine: Los Alamos Malbec

Alamos Malbec

Alamos Malbec

Alamos crafts quality wines from Argentina, offering the best of Mendoza’s high altitude vineyards.  Alamos grapes are grown at the foothills of the Andes Mountains at elevations of 3,000 to 5,000 feet, where intense sunlight, cool evening temperatures and mineral-rich irrigation from mountain snowmelt translate to rich wines with intense flavor characteristics.

About the Wine:

A classically Argentine wine, the  Alamos 2012 Malbec is blended with small portions of Syrah and Bonarda to meld deep dark cherry and blackberry flavors with hints of brown spice and vanilla. A long finish and firm tannins make this Malbec unforgettable.



Imagine this delicious wine with a typical Argentinian barbecue after an extraordinary fishing day with Pointer Fly Fishing? Nothing could be better!

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“La Brigada Grill”

This is one of the best grills in Buenos Aires. It’s directed by Hugo Chavarrieta  who is considered one of the best “parrilleros” in the country, one of the greatest honors an Argentinean can hold. He has run this restaurant with his family for more than 20 years.


Upon arrival, the order of each guest is taken along with their preferred beef temperature, although the host recommends having it rare. The beef cuts are brought to the table as soon as they are ready; nothing is prepared in advance and the beef comes seasoned with salt. Then, each guest can season their dish with chimichurri, if they like it, but ideally, before doing it, they should try the meat and savor it in its pure state, so they can see what people mean when they talk about great Argentine beef.


So… What are you waiting for? Come to Argentina for some fly fishing action and we can arrange a night in Buenos Aires and go to this amazing restaurant.